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While sex is often implied or assumed to be included in the services on offer, escorts and escort agencies typically avoid any explicit mention of sex for sale. Escort agencies, which serve as referral services connecting escorts with clients, typically operate in large cities (with some exceptions). Escort agencies seek to lend an aura of sophistication and glamour to their services, and escorts are often portrayed as providers of “high-class” companionship. Other escort agencies attempted to appeal to a variety of client fantasies through careful targeting of photographs and ad text. These women assessed market demand for different “types” and then endeavored to embody as many of them as possible. Rather than seeking out like-minded clients, agencies sought to increase their market potential by reaching as many clients as possible. The effort to create an image of “mass appeal” took many forms. One of their techniques for maintaining client’s interest performed by running multiple advertisements in an effort to keep up with client demand for new faces. For independent escorts, the art of advertising to attract desirable clients is one of the most essential skills escorts must develop to be successful in their business. Our research on female escorts identified a few key strategies used by women to maximize their profit in this business.
These strategies included the following: presenting one’s authentic personality in the advertisement in order to connect with clients they would “click” with on a personal level, marketing specific types of sexual services or fantasy persona, and running a minimal advertisement featuring only basic information. By selling the experience, an escort works to closely align client expectations with their own personal preferences. These women aim to offer sessions that closely resemble a date, one that is pleasurable for both escort and client.Other escorts endeavored to stand out in their advertisements by stressing their education, intelligence and worldliness. For some escorts, a carefully crafted advertisement not only aims to attract clientele seeking a companionate experience, it also serves to deter clients in search of cheaper services.